Avoberry Smoothie

Avoberry Smoothie

Avoberry Smoothie


I just realized after making this smoothie I have a thing for green and blue/purple combo smoothies. Matcha and blueberry, green smoothie topped with acai, green smoothie with maqui powder, the list goes on. I haven’t shared all of them on my blog but I am pretty sure they will all make an appearance at some point. Usually they don’t make it up because the pictures don’t do them any justice but life isn’t perfect I guess. This Avoberry Smoothie, Avoberry Protien Smoothie, has it all protein, greens, vitamins, antioxidants, carbs (fruit), and healthy fats!


Do you have favorite smoothie color combinations?


Avoberry Smoothie

Makes 1, or two smaller portions

Bottom Green Layer:

1/2 ripe whole avocado, pitted and halved

1/2 banana

3/4c non-dairy milk, used almond milk (So Delicious Unsweetened Almond Milk Plus)

handful or two of organic greens, I like to use baby spinach


Blueberry Layer:

1/2c frozen blueberries

1/2 a frozen banana

3/4c non-dairy milk, used almond milk (So Delicious Unsweetened Almond Milk Plus)

1 scoop vanilla protein powder (used Vega One French Vanilla this time, but swap it up and use Vega Protein Smoothie or Vega Performance Protein depending on my needs), optional*


*When omiting protein powder I add extra blueberries or half a frozen banana.


In a Vitamix, or high-speend blender, blend together avocado, banana, milk, and greens until smooth. Pour green smoothie into a large glass, or two smaller glasses. Rinse out the Vitamix, optional, and blend together blueberries, banana, milk, and protein powder if using until smooth. Pour over top of the green smoothie base. Enjoy!



Avoberry Smoothie

Avoberry Smoothie






As a Vega Recipe Ambassador I receive Vega products, which I used as an option in this recipe. I use Vega not because it is given to me but because it has been my plant-based protein of choice since before I started blogging and some recipes are made with Vega products I purchase. I only write about foods I love, my blog is an extension of my hobby to make fun healthy food creations for me and my family.

3 Responses to Avoberry Smoothie

  1. Yum!:) I love using avocados in smoothies. There’s just nothing like it! Sadly the past few times I’ve bought one, I’ve let them go bad before using them. THEN I discovered how to freeze the slices for smoothies so that’s never an issue again. I think I’ll be making one soon after seeing this recipe:) Thanks for sharing!

    • awhiskandtwowands says:

      Thank you! Me too and I can’t believe it took me so long to figure out to freeze them. I mean I had frozen guac but not avocados. Probably because I always intended on using them fresh.

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