Minne Apple Muesli
Minne Apple Muesli


Minne Apple Muesli


Something a little different yet the same for today’s post yet the same. Thank you for joining Deborah and me for another Meatless Monday.

A little MN love and enjoying the little things. Lately things have been busy but that is life and times get crazy. All summer and early fall we had soccer almost every weekend morning. I’ve been wanting more than anything lately a “lazy Sunday morning”. Where I could sleep in and wake up without an alarm, sit and enjoy a cup of coffee, make the family breakfast and just kind of lounge and enjoy the morning without feeling rushed. If it was nice enough sitting out on the deck and watching and listening to the wildlife in the pond. Or even a nice Minnesota morning enjoying a trip to the local Farmer’s Market, we only got to do that a couple times this year. A trip up the north shore to hike around and just enjoy the beautiful fall colors. So many just relaxing things we hoped to fit in and haven’t been able to. While we could have adjusted and tried to fit something in Saturday it wasn’t about fitting something in and we had A’s birthday party sleepover so we kept the plans as is with my husband and oldest running up to the cabin with friends over part of MEA while I soaked up time with just A and we went out and had a little lunch date and relaxed. We had planned to go out and do something but we just decided to hang out and paint pumpkins and do some other things.


Minne Apple Muesli


We did have a relaxing Saturday morning, not exactly as I envisioned it but it was perfect. We woke up and I had my coffee, she had a steamer. I decided to soak some muesli, which is a normal go to for us but we decided to “make it special” using some Cashew Bliss. I’ve done this before but usually on the go or not an every day thing. Like when I make homemade cashew milk or nut milk and I have to use it up, usually because I don’t want to drink it all too quick and want to savor it and get to where there is a lot left after 2 days that I need to use up so we use it for muesli or chia pudding because it’s just so good! So I soaked the muesli and then went down to do a barre video because A wanted to join me. After we went up and had our muesli and topped it with apples. We were going to heat it up and cook the apples with some coconut oil and cinnamon but after A snuck a bite as I was cutting up apples we just decided to eat it cold. We got to talking about what we were going to do and if we had time to run to the Arboretum for a walk before her friends came and as we sat there eating we thought about the big Cherry on a Spoon at the Walker Art Center. There is a lot of construction so we didn’t but just the conversation and the simple yet indulgingly delicious and healthy breakfast made with local Minnesota favorites just all made my heart fill with joy! Even my coffee was a local and in my Sota MN coffee cup.


Minne Apple Muesli


While I’m not a fan of snow, I love playing in it and than warming up with hot cocoa snuggled in a blanket but that’s about it. I do love the change in seasons here in Minnesota and I just love it as it’s HOME. I’ve lived here my whole life and love it more and more as I get older. I love the little things like the scenic drives up the north shore, going up north to the cabin even if we don’t go as often as we would like, and the simple things that often get taken for granted.


Minne Apple Muesli


When times get busy or seem overwhelming even taking just a few minutes to reflect and enjoy the little things and all of the joys in life. Finding inspiration and happiness in things that seemed so simple before. All the weekend mornings this summer that I took my soaked muesli in a jar to the soccer field to eat while I cheered the girls on and sipped my coffee, sometimes to stay warm. Or on the go when I take the girls to school or run around. That same soaked muesli that I have so many days that I think nothing of enjoyed on a day where I did have time to make something more “exciting” like pancakes or waffles. Nothing was different with the muesli, I’ve had this simple combo so many times before yet today it seemed so special. It was home, it was the simple comforting joys of home that I often don’t take the time to think about with fast paced life of being a mom and wife, running here and there, doing this and that, and everything in between.

So while there is a delicious simple healthy recipe, that I know you would love and hope you try, I’m sharing today. You can get Seven Sundays at Whole Foods and Target stores nationwide, Juice So Good Cashew Bliss at Whole Foods now nationwide, and Honeycrisp apples maybe not grown in Minnesota. It’s about enjoying the simple pleasures in life, this is just one of mine. It’s about eating local whole foods, and if you have a local favorite I’d love to hear about it so I can check it out. Even if it isn’t available here yet I can add it to my list as I love to check out local eats when we travel.

The heart wants what it wants and sometimes you don’t realized it until you stop, breathe, and take it all in.


Minne Apple Muesli


Minne Apple Muesli
Makes 1 serving
1/2c Seven Sundays Cherry Pecan Muesli
1/2-3/4c Juice So Good Cashew Bliss
1/2 large or whole small Honeycrisp apple, chopped
dash of cinnamon sugar, optional (we like a cinnamon coconut palm mixture)


*This recipe is made with my local favorites but once again is meant for inspiration and can easily be adapted for yours even though these local favs are available nationwide.


Mix together 1/2 cup of muesli and cashew milk in a jar and place in the refrigerator for at least 20 minutes or overnight. If left longer it will get really soft and creamy like it did here after about an hour so I add in a little more cashew milk to reach desired consistency. Top with chopped apple and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar. Optionally you can warm it up after soaking or add warmed milk to muesli. Cooking apples in coconut oil and cinnamon is also a favorite option. Enjoy!


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